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Our Mission Is To Fulfill The Fathers Purpose

Here's us simplified


All Things Spiritual Enforce The Natural. 


Many Plans Are In A Mans Heart But Only The Father's Purpose Will Prevail. 

Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth is obtained only through wisdom. Which is applied knowledge. 

Aondrea Thompson

Hi! Aondrea Thompson here. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a mother of 3, born in KS, native of Virginia, and current resident of GA. I'm a former mental health counselor, substitute and daycare teacher. My Bachelor and Master degrees are in Public Administration. I pride myself in being a home mom who loves the color blue, crafting, and all things events! However, baking cakes is my pure joy, and nothing beats my desire to Infect people with the spirit of the Lord. Not everyone knows about the "Kingdom" of GOD and how the Lord's government works endlessly on our behalf, nor what it means to be a citizen of GOD and the rights we behold. Therefore, it is the duty of my husband and Io get the message out to ALL of the Lord's people. 

Samuel Thompson

In belief all is well! Samuel Thompson here. If you are reading this I'm in belief that you are well. If not so well. I've petitioned the Father on your behalf prior to you reading it! A bit about me I love Kingdom and my family! I have an Amazingly set apart wife and 3 incredibly beautiful children. I'm apart of the legal insurance and privacy protection industry. My drive is simple. I hate injustice. Found out how to level out the playing field. My journey has been forever evolving thus far. I'm a helper of humanity by nature. Additionally I'm the owner of Sosa Music Group. I love music it has been my passion since yea-high lol. Started out drumming which evolved into music production/songwriting then a Management Services Company for the entertainment arena. A portion of my background also includes commercial construction and building operations (love them both). One thing that has always followed me no matter the industry is my desire to see things done in a fair manner. I guess you could say that my drive comes from that. I want to see the heavenly culture manifest in all that I put my hands to. From that the Father receives the GLORY! Can't wait to meet you and work with you! 

Our Family

The Thompson's defined - Simply Vessels, Stewards, Managers, Kingdom Citizens and Ambassadors. We hope through our efforts we can serve others through the lens and with the hands of our Father. We try our best to avoid doing things independent of our government. Our flock is made up of Qayden (8), Mykah (9), Nialani (12), Aondrea and Myself. Our drive for overflow is to serve others. We are not impressed nor moved by earthly possessions. We do however that you can experience no lack RIGHT NOW and ETERNALLY. We take nothing for granted. We once knew a life of lack until Kingdom was introduced to us. Know we're on a mission to share Kingdom with everyone that is willing to hear.

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Testimonial/Aondrea Thompson

Aondrea Thompson

CEO of S&A

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